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  • $35.00

    Optimist/Pessimist Glasses (Set of 2)

    Serve your next drinks with a shot of wry humor. Offering a play on how optimists and pessimists view the same glass—half full or half empty—these...

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  • $77.00

    Saguaro Stackable Glasses (Set of 6)

    Icons of the American Southwest, saguaro cacti can hold as much as a ton of water. Unlike those cacti, this set of saguaro-inspired glasses can ho...

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  • $92.00

    Yours, Mine & Ours Engraved Decanter Set

    Designed for couples, this decanter set makes it easy to share equal measures of timeless style and spirited fairness. Evoking the geometric flair...

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  • $82.00

    Whisky Stones Gift Set

    Skip the ice and serve your drinks on the rocks. These innovative soapstone cubes were designed by Andrew Hellman, a big fan of single malt scotch...

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    Original price $56.00
    Current price $49.99

    Stackable Appetizer Dish Set

    When finger foods appear, wine is sure to follow. A towering achievement of hors d'oeuvres serving design, these antique green glass bowls stack t...

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    Original price $56.00
    Current price $49.99
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  • $49.00

    Pineapple Tumbler

    Welcome guests to your table with these pineapple tumblers. Made of lightweight aluminum with a bright brass finish, they're unique serving pieces...

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  • $39.00

    Moscow Mule Cocktail Mug

    Antique-finished copper mugs with brass handles. The natural interiors will age with each use, giving the mugs a unique vintage quality with time....

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  • $63.00

    Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses (Set of 4)

    You like your beer craft brewed, your wine perfectly aerated, why shouldn't your tequila get a bump up from the salt shaker and lime wedge standar...

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