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  • $16.00

    Chili Granola

    Fair warning: this is not your granny's granola. Each bite is a flavor-bomb combo of garlicky, sweet, spicy, and umami—the sought-after, savory fi...

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  • $70.00

    Better Stuff Doormat

    Redirect robbers with Reed Wilson's cheeky deterrent that gives burglars—and dirty shoes—the brush off. Since coir is a natural, durable and renew...

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  • $25.00

    Plush Organs

    It takes a lot of guts to share what you've got going on inside, but these plush pals give tough topics—from sickness to surgery—a soft touch. Wen...

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  • $49.00

    Pineapple Tumbler

    Welcome guests to your table with these pineapple tumblers. Made of lightweight aluminum with a bright brass finish, they're unique serving pieces...

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  • $33.00

    Moscow Mule Carry-On Kit

    Pilot your own takeoff with this personal cocktail kit made for a couple of jet-setters. The kit will sail through security and supply you with al...

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  • $107.00

    Loopy Lou the DJ in a Box

    This playful gadget puts a digital recording tool in the palm of your hand. Hit the red record button to capture vocals or other sounds, and then ...

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  • $70.00

    Homemade Gin Kit

    Relive Prohibition without all the pesky illegalities, bathtub hooch, and glamorous parties hidden behind secret speakeasy doors —okay, that last...

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  • $63.00

    Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses (Set of 4)

    You like your beer craft brewed, your wine perfectly aerated, why shouldn't your tequila get a bump up from the salt shaker and lime wedge standar...

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  • $7.00

    Emergency Clown Nose

    At last, the healing power of comedy is available in an over-the-counter form. Apply liberally as needed. Side effects may include chuckling, chor...

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  • $42.00

    Build Your Own Marble Coaster

    Take your imagination on a DIY ride full of dips, turns, and daredevil demonstrations of physics and engineering with this laser-cut wood roller c...

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  • $35.00

    Banana Split Booties

    Give their first steps a sweet touch with these banana split booties. Handcrafted in small batches, these booties are made from natural wool, whic...

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  • $11.00

    Avocado Huggers (Set of 2)

    A sliver on a taco, a spoonful in a smoothie, or a spread on toast: a little avocado goes a long way. Keep its other half fresh and intact with th...

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